Center for Planetary Culture applies vision, creativity, and systems thinking toward the shaping of an ethically and ecologically viable society. CPC is developing a design science of intentional change, creating site-specific social sculptures to transform contemporary beliefs and practices.  We currently face interlocking ecological, financial, and philosophical challenges, and the reinvention of societal infrastructure is a necessary task.

CPC offers consulting services to individuals, corporations, not-for-profit, and other organizations that realize a transition is necessary to address issues like climate change, species extinction, economic inequality, as well as human values and behavior patterns.  CPC experts can provide a context for understanding the transition, and shape actionable strategies, according to specific needs and resources.

CPC Director Daniel Pinchbeck’s recent interview in Ever Manifesto magazine offers a vision of the Center’s philosophy and ethos.

As a strategic consultant, CPC can help lay a foundation for organizational overhaul, create educational events, develop a community outreach infrastructure, and provide individual career counseling, among other areas. Please contact us at for more information.

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