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Framework and Guidelines for Wiki posts

1. Follow format of other wiki posts. Each section should make an attempt to include the following sections:




-regenerative strategies



Some of these will not be applicable to all posts, so make your best judgement when submitting a topic.

For information on how to create headings when editing, see these instructions.

2. Support claims with research wherever possible.

3. Present alternative sides of the issue, possible counter-arguments, and the claims and research supporting them.

4. Please read through other wiki posts for a sense of the types of research-based recommendations that others have developed.

5. For disagreements on best practices or recommendations, please engage in discussion first before modifying material. Some disagreements may be hashed out best on the forum or other communication devices. Keep in mind that in most cases disagreements will not result in a unified strategy, but separate strategies that are complementary but unique based on specific contexts.

Format Properly When you create a new page or article, formatting guides for headlines and text appear automatically. If you need help formatting your text, there's a link to MediaWiki's text formatting guide just below the Edit text field.


Please use Harvard Style Citation in all footnotes. Cite this for me is a great tool for generating citations.

For instructions on how to add footnotes, see the MediaWiki Cite extension explanation.


According to scientists, the Sun is pretty big.<ref>E. Miller, The Sun, (New York: Academic Press, 2005), 23-5.</ref>
The Moon, however, is not so big.<ref>R. Smith, "Size of the Moon", Scientific American, 46 (April 1978): 44-6.</ref>

<references />

This will generate an automatically numbered list of footnotes at the end. Unless you are creating a new page, the references tag has already been added to the bottom of every page.

Use Images You also have the ability to upload images. Please add relevant infographics and descriptions where necessary.

Report Inappropriate Content Profanity and copyrighted content are not allowed on the Regenerative Society Wiki. Abusive attacks against persons or companies are also not allowed. Though we will do our best to keep inappropriate content off the wiki, we need all the eyes we can get. If you see inappropriate content, send a page link to