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Welcome to the Regenerative Society Wiki!

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We invite you to collaborate with scholars, technologists, independent researchers, visionaries, and activists to facilitate rapid social transformation, in light of our planetary crisis, particularly accelerating climate change and loss of biodiversity, as well as ever-growing economic inequality.

The content on this Wiki will be the foundational material for the Center for Planetary Culture's position paper, A Transition to a Regenerative Society, which will be re-published regularly based on new information and developments. Our goal is to create a living document that defines strategic initiatives and the best practices to address our society's current inertia - despite scientific predictions of a 4 - 6 Celsius temperature rise within this century, which would have drastic consequences for human civilization. We seek to help inspire a worldwide movement of civil society by providing clear and tangible steps for both individuals, social groups, and organizations to get involved.

The three main areas addressed by this Wiki are technical infrastructure, social (political and economic) structure, and consciousness and culture, or superstructure. If human society is going to evolve to take on the immense challenges we face as a species, these three areas must be addressed, comprehensively, in a systemic way. The last section, Rapid Transition Strategy, takes the recommendations developing in each area and turns them into a plan of action, proposing a strategy for quickly communicating the message.

Regenerative Society Wiki offers one of a number of emerging road maps for re-organizing society into more equitable and just relationships, while harmonizing human activity with our planet's ecology. The project will highlight groups that are already working to implement these ideas into practice, in order to learn from their models. We hope this Wiki serves as an incubator for many initiatives, highlighting effective practices that can be adapted to different local conditions, and providing a continually updated toolkit for the new paradigm that is emerging in our time.

Center for Planetary Culture intends to develop further research projects, based on the work and the ideas compiled here. We encourage motivated participants to collaborate with us on this project, and many to come.

At the moment some of the pages are only editable with a certain permission status. Please contact us at concerning your areas of expertise and where you would like to contribute. We will get in touch with further instructions.

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