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This page is a compilation of the ongoing projects, initiatives, proposals, and organizations that are shaping a regenerative future. We have divided them by subcategory.


New Economy Coalition's mission is to build a New Economy that prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet.

Naomi Klein is a Canadian author and social activist known for her political analyses and criticism of corporate globalization. She is best known for No Logo, a book that went on to become an international bestseller, and The Shock Doctrine, a critical analysis of the history of neoliberal economics. Her newest book, This Changes Everything, outlines a critique on modern capitalism as the biggest challenge towards the environmental movement.

Hazel Henderson, a futurist, an economic iconoclast, and founder of Ethical Markets, is a leading spokesperson on transforming finance to become more sustainable.

Kevin Roose exposed a secret Wall Street society and their ritualistic celebration of an Objectivism philosophy in action.

Worldwatch Europe is an independent research organization recognized by opinion leaders around the world for its accessible, fact-based analysis of critical global issues. They recently published Business Innovation in a Living Economy which outlines the financial benefits of embracing sustainability as a business practice.

The B Team is a "Plan B" for concerted, positive action that will ensure business becomes a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. It's core team of Richard Branson and other notable influential leaders stands in a unique opportunity to re-shape business ethics and the economic paradigm in general.

Society 3.0 Foundation is based on the principles of a sharing economy. Society 3.0 citizens want to add value in their work and life in a significantly different way, namely by creating value instead of growth.

Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author, dedicated to sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. His well-known work Blessed Unrest outlines that the similar values between the seemingly disconnected environmental, social justice, and indigenous resistance groups collectively comprise the largest social movement in history.

William Easterly is the Professor of Economics at New York University and Co-director of the NYU Development Research Institute. He specializes in the topics of economic growth and foreign aid, and critiques many of the trends common in the field of foreign aid.

The Carbon War Room accelerates the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale and advance the low-carbon economy. It envisions a world where over $1trillion invested in climate change solutions is an annual occurrence.

SumOfUs is a movement of consumers, workers and shareholders speaking with one voice to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations.

Recyclebank inspires and rewards smarter, everyday choices for a more sustainable future, bringing people, businesses, and communities together to achieve real world impact. By participating in household recycling and learning how to live more sustainable lifestyles, users earn points that translate into real savings for community and national brands.


Social Sculpture Research Unit is an interdisciplinary research and practice network that encourages and explores transdisciplinary creativity and vision towards the shaping of a humane and ecologically viable society.

The Great Transition Initiative is an online forum of ideas and an international network for the exploration of concepts, strategies, and visions for a transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity, and a resilient biosphere. is a non-profit aiming to encourage young people to come together and take action around social changes through participating in campaigns and grants that make a difference.


Matter Unlimited is a creative agency whose mission is to accelerate positive social change by helping businesses and organizations identify, articulate, and amplify their commitment to shared value and mutual prosperity. It seeks to reform the capitalist paradigm existing today by bringing together the quest for profit with the pursuit of happiness.

Forum for the Future is a non-profit working with businesses, governments, and other organizations in order to transform the key systems we all use and rely on, and innovate for long-term success, and solving complex sustainability challenges.

OpenIDEO is an open innovation platform, where a wide variety of people collaborate to create real world impact around some of the large challenges facing our world today. They believe that sharing perspectives results in much more innovative solutoons.

Politics is a non-profit organization that is building a mass non-partisan movement to pass tough anti-corruption laws and end the legalized corruption prevalent in American politics today.

The Clinton Global Initiative is an initiative founded by Bill Clinton for the purpose of bringing together global leaders to create and implement solutions to the world's most pressing issues.

The Marijuana Majority exists to help people understand that current marijuana policies are harmful and ineffective, and strive to provide resources for the purpose of building a marijuana majority through contacting leading figures to add their voices to the debate.


Adam Harvey is an artist in NYC exploring the future impacts of new technologies. He currently works as the creative director at Undisclosed in NYC.


D.I.R.T. Studio (Dump It Right There) was founded in 1992 by Julie Bargmann as a critical, design research-based practice driven by a love for the landscape, a concern for marginalized communities, research into eco-technologies, investigation of site histories, and an obsession with urban regeneration. They feel obligated, better yet, inspired to remake fallow Brownfields and derelict terrain into renewed landscapes of ecological and cultural production.

HOLO Magazine presents emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology, revealing the leading personalities trailblazing this groundbreaking field.


The Ascender, a magazine of new futurism, is an online publication focusing on matters of the Earth, science, and the human experience. is a social networking website in which members build their reputation through expertise and trustworthiness, vouching for others based upon these criteria as well.

The Inertia is a surf magazine serving as an online community website, presenting surf news, surf art, and photography from the global surfing community’s most prominent and talented figures.

Manufacturing Consent: The Political Consent of Mass Media (1988) is a documentary by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, which analyses the news media, arguing that the mass media of the United States "are effective and powerful ideological institutions that carry out a system-supportive propaganda function by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self-censorship, and without overt coercion."

Left Behind is a documentary directed by Christof Putzel reveals the devastating effects of AIDS on Kenya's children by exploring the lives of HIV-positive orphans at Nyumbani Children's Home, exposing the huge challenge that faces all those who wish to improve this situation.

[Green Tech Media produces industry-leading news, research, and conferences in the business-to-business greentech market.



Sacred Seeds is a network of sanctuaries preserving biodiversity and plant knowledge, maintaining living gardens containing locally imported plants. They work hand in hand with locals, creating a community in the process, and determine if the sanctuary can promote their traditions and conserve the plants.

Farm Hack is an open source community for resilient agriculture.

The Oakland Institute is an independent policy think tank with a missionto increase public participation and promote fair debate on critical social, economic and environmental issues, such as land rights and sustainable food systems, in both national and international forums.

Jonathon Porritt is an environmentalist is best known for championing Green issues. He set up the Forum for the Future, and is now touring for his new book, The World We Made, which provides a vision of what a sustainable society would look like.


Oreoco is a startup that has created an app tying financial data from Mint with carbon emissions data, aiming to be compelling enough to change user behavior.

Ecomagination presents new developments from entrepreneurs and startups, such as sustainable products already on the market and newly designed technology solutions.

Joulebug is an app geared towards making sustainable living fun, social, and simple. It combines elements of gaming, social media, and educational tools, creating competitions for participants to lower energy bills and reduce waste.

The Extraordinaries is a smartphone application that delivers skills-based volunteer tasks to people whenever and wherever they are available by mobile phone.

Dr. Ryan Wartena is the founder of Growing Energy Labs (Geli), which develops software to integrate, network, and economically operate energy storage systems to deploy an Internet of energy.

The Institute for Responsible Technology educates policy makers and the public about genetically modified (GM) foods and crops, investigating and reporting their risks and impact on health, environment, the economy, and agriculture, as well as the problems associated with current research, regulation, corporate practices, and reporting.

[Jaron Lanier] is a computer scientist, author, and composer, well known for his writings on technology, which chartered a humanistic approach to technology appreciation and criticism. He either coined or popularized the phrase 'Virtual Reality,' and collaborates with a wide range of scientists to use this concept to research topics such as cognitive science, biomimetic information architectures, experimental user interfaces, heterogeneous scientific simulations, advanced information systems for medicine, and computational approaches to the fundamentals of physics.


Religion & Spirituality


Future Earth is a global research platform providing the knowledge and support to accelerate our transformations to a sustainable world. It seeks to create interdisciplinary discourse and research regarding three major themes: Dynamic Planet, Global Sustainable Development and Transformations towards Sustainability.

Bionic Yarn produces yarn using recycled plastic bottles.

Amber Valletta is a fashion icon who is dedicated to spreading the word about fashion and sustainability. She launched Master & Muse, a premier online store offering stylish, cutting-edge fashion, created and produced by some of the most socially responsible designers working today.

Health & Healing

Energy & Power

Akon is an international rap star who started Akon Lighting Africa, a project which aims to build 1 million houses with solar power by end of 2014.

We Need an Apartheid-Style Boycott to Save the Planet is an article by Desmond Tutu proposing the use of boycotts, divestments, and sanctions in order to apply financial pressure to unsustainable companies, reducing their political clout and holding them accountable. By doing this, the people can create power by coming together and consequently improve climate change on the planet. is a website that aims to inform readers about the use of renewable energy worldwide, and assist them with the process of decision making when it comes to matters of renewable energy.

Jeremy Leggett is a British green-energy entrepreneur, author and activist who is founder and chairman of Solarcentury, the UK’s largest independent solar electric company. He advocates embracing renewable energy and a rapid managed withdrawal from fossil fuels in the media and is a contributor to the Financial Times and the Guardian.

Tom Steyer is an American hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and environmentalist who, along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, has sworn to donate half of his fortune to charity. He is on the board of Next Generation, a non-profit that intends to identify strategies that help deploy clean, advanced energy technologies and aid children's prospects in creating a better future.

Biomass Magazine is a monthly trade publication tailored to serve companies and organizations engaged in producing and/or utilizing biomass power and heat, advanced biofuels, biogas, wood pellets and biobased chemicals. In addition to policy, regulation, project finance, technology and plant management, the publication maintains a core editorial focus on biomass logistics: generating, cultivating, collecting, transporting, processing, marketing, procuring and utilizing sustainable biomass.

C40 is a climate leadership group, tracking the changes that cities worldwide are making in an effort to reduce climate change.

Ethical Electric powers as many American homes and businesses as possible with 100% clean energy from renewable sources like wind and solar, and uses profits to fund causes that help the planet.

Indigenous Perspectives

La Via Campesia is an indigenous agricultural movement bringing together peasants, small and medium-size farmers, landless people, female farmers, migrants and agricultural workers to defend small-scale sustainable agriculture as a way to promote social justice and dignity.



Near Death, Explained is an article written by Mario Beauregard that describes how new science is shedding light on what really happens during out-of-body experiences with shocking results.

The Telephone Telepathy Test is an experiment facilitated by Rupert Sheldrake, which involve participants in groups of 3 guessing who the caller is.

Super Human OS is a program created by Ken Wilber, aimed at actualizing people's highest potential through upgrading the mind's operating software, or mental programs.

The Brain that Changes Itself is a book by Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, which sets out to explore the resilience and neuroplasticity of the human brain, critiquing the ideas that the brain is a "hard-wired" computer. Using personal stories from the heart of this neuroplasticity revolution, Dr. Doidge explores the profound implications of the changing brain for understanding the mysteries of love, sexual attraction, taste, culture and education.

Peace & Security